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Regular mowing is great for giving your grass a tidy appearance, however to maintain a truly healthy lawn, please consider a complete fertilizer and insecticide program from Allor Outdoor Services.

We offer products that can control crabgrass and broadleaf weeds as well as various diseases and insects. The most obvious benefit is a thick, green, nutrient rich lawn that will stand out above the rest! Utilizing quality products, and proper application by a licensed professional, our goal is to make your lawn the best on your street. 

We offer custom programs designed around our clients particular needs/goals.

This typically involves anywhere from 4 to 6 applications.  We utilize liquid applications to ensure quick and effective weed killing along with granular fertilizers that allow for a slow release of nutrients. As always, we concentrate on preventive measures to control seasonal problems like grubs and crabgrass. 


We also recommend semi-annual core aeration as a simple, natural way to ensure that nutrients, water, and oxygen reach the grass’s roots. This is one of many comprehensive solutions that Allor Outdoor Services can offer to our clients as a way to beautify your outdoor environment.


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